The Twin Cheerleaders

I had met Lisa and Linda my first day of junior year. My name is Scott, and I am a normal guy … 6 foot, 2 inches tall, normal build, not to big, not to small.  I am a little shy around new people. Sure I knew some people my first year in a new school, but this was the start of my junior year in college.  I wanted it to be special.  Lisa and Linda were twins, two beautiful girls, who grew up side by side.  Identical in every way.  You really couldn’t tell them apart.  The first time I met them was at at orientation, when I was registering for classes. I saw them sitting alone, and decided to sit next to them and try to talk. We started talking, and we immediately connected.

It was now about 4 months into the school year, the middle of winter, and it had just snowed heavily. The twins had late cheerleading practice at school, and I had to stay late for band practice, I played drums, was the best drummer in the county and had started a band. I invited the twins to a few of our concerts and they had been to them all. I felt so appreciated. At first I didn’t see a strong relationship building, but we wound up becoming really close, closer than I could ever imagine.

Ever since the first day I met them, I occasionally fantasized about having a threesome with these two sexy cheerleaders.  After class one day the twins asked me if I wanted to go to their house to hang out.
I’ m glad you could come over Scott.” Linda said.

“Oh it’s nothing Linda, you know I would doing anything for you.” I said excitedly. Over the past few months, I had developed a strong connection with Linda, she and I were always walking to class together, and hanging out on the weekends. “Scott, you are a great guy you know that? Do you want to come in for a little while?” Lisa said.

I jumped all over this opportunity. I was hanging out in the hottest chicks, in their home, alone. “Scott, which one of us is prettier?” Linda said. “Is that a trick question?” I responded. They both laughed together and walked over to me closely. “No Scott, we’re serious.” Lisa said. “I don’t know! Haha you girls are identical twins who are drop dead gorgeous!.” I exclaimed.

Linda than continued, “Scott, which one of us would you rather have in bed?” I was caught in a trance, as I couldn’t pick. Both of these girls were harassing me about which one I would rather fuck. Before I could answer, Linda said, “Never mind, follow us.” Both of them started walking upstairs to the room they shared. “You know Scott, we’re both virgins. What about you?” Lisa said. “Yea same here.” I said with the largest boner I ever had in my life. My cock was about 6 inches, but at this point it felt like I was much larger.

We arrived at their room and in a quick second, I was pushed onto a bed. Linda and Lisa started taking their shirts, and that’s when I started taking my pants off. The girls teased me, kissing up and down my stomach and on my neck. Linda’s legs rubbed against my cock and she said “Oh sister, he’s packing a good one!” Lisa and Linda pulled my boxers down and threw them on their floor. They both stood up, and took off their bras and panties.

The beautiful twins met me on the bed, and as I rubbed their amazing B cup tits, Linda moved down on my cock, and Lisa soon followed. At the same time, both girls began to move their tongues very slowly up and down my shaft, while they both took one of my balls each and rubbed them. Linda, was obviously the most into it, as she put her beautiful pink lips around the head of my dick and slowly sucked the pre-cum off my sensitive head. Lisa and Linda shared the length of of penis for about 4 minutes, and Lisa said “Scott eat me out!” I grabbed her fully formed hips and put her on my face, as I started slowly caressing her pussy lips with my tongue. I started to feel her juices swell out of her tight vagina, as she moaned slowly. Meanwhile Linda was stroking and sucking my cock.

All of the sudden Linda stopped, and I felt her stand over me. I knew what she was about to do and stopped eating out Lisa as I helped Linda place my rock hard erection inside her untouched wet tight pussy. I was in heaven

“Ooohh!!” I moaned as she started to grind her hips with mine. Linda started to moan and grabbed my hips so she could keep me in place. Lisa had decided that she wanted to get in on the action and each time I slipped out of Linda’s wet pussy, Lisa sucked the juices off my cock. I had fantasized about this moment for months, and had masturbated many times thinking about this. All that practice however was no match for the real thing. I was ready to cum as soon as Linda started to ride me. Linda was getting weak, and I felt her vagina tighten up around my shaft, and with that I came in the girl of my dreams. Linda moaned “Oh my god fuck me!!” I was fucking her as hard as I could, but I still had to take care of Lisa.
Lisa seemed jealous that her sister had her first orgasm before her. Lisa asked me furiously “You’re still able to go right?” I said yes, not wanting to have her disappointed. So I took Lisa and put her on all fours, as Linda laid on her back moaning still rubbing her clit. Lisa was ready for my cock, as her pussy was wet and tight. I had lost so much energy from fucking her identical twin, but I pushed through and gave her all I had. Lisa moaned the moment I slid my cock inside her. “Ooh yes…. Fuck that tight little cunt!” She yelled. Lisa looked back at me and I looked right into her hungry eyes, and started fucking her harder. Lisa was amazed at how long I had been able to fuck her. For another 5 minutes I worked her pussy in, and I needed to cum again. Lisa got on top of me, and started riding my still hard erection. Almost immediately I felt her vagina tighten around my shaft and just like her sister she yelled “Ooohh my God!” With that yell I shot my load into her deep vagina.

The twins had been fucked for the first time, and I had fucked a girl, well two for the first time. They finished me off completely with a blowjob and somehow I had more cum ready to go, as after they both deept hroated my cock individually, I had to shoot another load out into their mouths and on their faces. Lisa and Linda said together “Wow! That was so much fun! Scott we have to do this more often!”

Of course I said “Definitely ladies, we have four years together to do this.” Lisa and Linda both hummed “Mmhmm,” and swallowed my cum. “Aah that tasted good,” I rolled over and fell asleep, as the snow started to fall on a cold wintry night.