The O Club

He was a flight instructor at a nearby military base, and had just completed a long grueling night hop with one of the students. This particular base had one big night a week when the O Club attracted a crowd of attractive young officers and the women who came to meet them.

Since he had another flight the next day, he decided to stop in briefly, without going home to change: The place was packed as usual, and as he sipped his beer he saw a gorgeous strawberry blonde on the dance floor, moving with the kind of sinuous energy that drove men crazy. He thought about going to ask her to dance, but given the funky aroma of his flight suit from several tense hours in the cockpit that day, decided it would be best to simply let it go for another time.

He finished his beer and left shortly afterward, intending to go home and get some sleep. As he walked out the entrance to the club, he saw the blonde sitting alone on the steps, her arms wrapped around her legs. She returned his smile as he walked by, and on a whim, he turned after a few steps to return to her.

Her girlfriend was her ride, and apparently over at the BOQ with her boyfriend, so the blonde named Lora was waiting for her to return. They talked for awhile, becoming very attracted very quickly with that sudden physical magnetism that unexpectedly comes about between two people.

He suggested they go for a little walk. She asked where?, with a sly grin. “never mind”, he replied, taking her hand as he rose, pulling her to her feet. He had no idea what he was doing, but the heat of the moment was on him, and he just let the urge move him.

They walked around the corner of the club to the attached pool area, closed for the night, but accessible from the back of the dance area for the cool breeze.

Pulling her into the shadowy recess of an L-shaped area of the back patio, they leaned against the cast iron fence and moved closer. Kissing her lightly on the lips he was surprised by the warmth and sudden trembling of her lips, as she pressed her body against him. Her creamy skin glowed in the moonlight as he kissed her neck and shoulders, moving the thin cloth of the tank top she wore aside to nuzzle the sensitive skin at her throat and upper chest. She moaned softly and held him tighter, her hands roaming over his muscular back and athletic ass, pulling him to her by the sides of his flight suit, rotating her hips slightly to press against his now rapidly hardening cock.

Feeling a sense of unreality as he did so, in one corner of his brain wondering what would happen if some senior officer, or anyone, for that matter, came around the corner of the building and found them, he bent over and lifting her shirt, kissed and licked the smooth skin of her stomach, upward to her small but firm breasts, sucking the now turgid nipples to almost an inch in height. As he did so she murmured something unintelligible and held his head in her hands, twisting her fingers in his blond hair.

He reached down and around to slide his hands around her tiny waist to cup her full rounded ass and hips, feeling her heat and the dampness already between her legs. On a sudden crazy impulse he bent to one knee and quickly unzipped her pants, pulling them open and her panties down in one motion. She pulled back momentarily but as his lips searched through her silky blond fur for her sweet pussy lips, she suddenly arched her hips forward, moaning “oh yes baby, oh yes”, exciting him beyond any rational thought of control.

He worshiped at her love altar for a few more moments, her hands on his head, her legs beginning to tremble as her moans got louder. Unable to stand it any longer he stood up, unzipping his lower zipper as her hands sought out his engorged cock, freeing it from his underwear to stand out in view. She grasped it with both hands, sliding to the base as she knelt in turn, and tried to get as much of the huge head in her mouth as she could, stretching her Cupid’s bow lips wide to do so, then licking the shaft underneath from the tip to his tight balls.

He knew he couldn’t take much of this, and the fear of discovery was growing, making their passion even more intense. Pulling her to her feet, he turned her around and gently bent her over from the waist, sliding her pants and panties down around her hips as she put her hands up to hold the fence crossbars, looking out over a dark open field toward a road several hundred yards away.

Laying the swollen head of his cock against her slick hot lips, he gently grabbed the rounded globes of her ass in both hands, spreading her cheeks to pull the lips of her pussy apart. They had to move slowly, in a circular motion to ease his cock into her, for even though she was slick with desire, her tight twat was stretched wide by his thickness. Both of them were by now very close to their peak and as she suddenly arched her back, her pussy seeming to swallow him whole as she took his entire nine inches in one stroke, she cried out, her whimpers becoming a loud moaning scream.

This set him off immediately, his balls contracting and his dick swelling the last fraction. He remembered almost at the last minute she had said nothing about any protection, and against the instinctual urge to pound forward, he pulled back, spurting streams of cum over her back and ass uncontrollably, as she frantically ground her ass into him.

They held each other momentarily as their lust quickly cooled in the chilly night air, and the sudden recognition of their surroundings. Giggling, she helped him zip back up as she pulled herself together.

They were able to kiss one last tender kiss just as one of the clubs busboys came around the corner, probably looking for empty glasses or bottles, and hurriedly turned away. He walked her to the parking lot, where by now her friend was waiting in her car, and kissed her goodbye.