Hot For Teacher

I can remember the first time I met my professor, Mr. Peterson. It was the first day of class and it was a day I will never forget. I walked into Speech 101, not really wanting to be there in the first place, but I had to take it to satisfy my degree requirements. I sat down towards the back of the room so I could hurry and and get out of there when the class was over. Just after I took my seat, I noticed there was a chorus of sighs and whispers that flared up. I turned my head to try and see what had all the girls in such a tizzy and that’s when I noticed him.

I don’t know what I was expecting, but I know it sure in the hell wasn’t that. I was really taken aback about how hot my professor was. I knew at that very moment, he was someone I had to have. I wanted to fuck him and one way or another, I was going it make that happen. The problem was, every other girl in class seemed to want to fuck him as well and no doubt he had other classes where girls were pursing him. So I knew if I was going to get him, I would have to play it cool. I would have to act as if I didn’t want him. I was hot for teacher.

Everything about Mr. Peterson was divine. He was blessed with looks that drove every rational thought from a woman’s head. I felt like a smitten teenager. His hair was dark and short. He wasn’t tall, taller than me, but still probably just average height for a man. His eyes were compelling and his lips were down right sinful. I could only imagine what his lips could do to the female body.

It took weeks of ignoring him to get Mr. Peterson to even notice me and when he did it was all I could do to contain myself. At first it was just subtle glances. Then it was not so subtle glances. I started sitting closer to the front and then eventually all the way up to the front row itself. I thought about wearing a short skirt and no panties and accidentally exposing myself to him, but that would be to obvious. He probably gets that a lot. No, I had to keep with my original plan of playing it cool. If I was going to get Mr. Peterson, I was going to have to make him come after me.

As I watched him walk into the classroom one day, my mind started to wander. I started to think about what I wanted to do to him and what I wanted him to do to me. I think what drove me crazy about him was more than just his good looks — it was also the way he carried himself, his confident stride, and his coolly observant eyes that took in everything. I had to have him and my patience was wearing thin.

That day he asked me to stay after class. I thought perhaps he wanted to talk to me about my paper. I however was wrong. When the last person left the class he closed the door and locked it behind them.

“You said you needed to speak to me Mr. Peterson? Is there something wrong?”

“Yes there is. Well, not as much wrong as perplexing.” He said as he leaned against the back of his desk. His body was so magnificent, I found it hard to concentrate on his words.

“You see, I’ve been a professor here for 4 years now and in that time I’ve never once had a problem with a student. I quite honestly just don’t think of the girls in my class that way. I’m not blind, I know that some of them have their little schoolgirl crushes on me but I don’t tend to pay them any mind. You however are different.”

When he said that last line, I shifted in my seat. This I wasn’t expecting. Could it be that my weeks of going out of my way to ignore him is finally paying off?

“I’m just going to lay it on the line for here Miss Amberson.”

“Please, call me Jennifer,” I said coyly.

“That’s the problem. I can’t call you Jennifer. I need to try and maintain a sense of professionalism and you are making it near impossible. I am your professor, you are my student. I shouldn’t be having these kind of thoughts about you.”

“Mr. Peterson …” I said as I stood up to move in closer to him. “While that is true, we are also both consenting adults and we both have needs.” I put my hand on his knee and gently moved it upwards to rub it against his cock. “Despite the constraints society may want to put on human sexuality, there is absolutely nothing wrong with two people having these … urges and desires.”

As I said urges and desires I moved in closer to him and softly whispered that in his ear.

“You see Mr. Peterson, I haven’t exactly not been able to notice you either.” I was rubbing his cock now through his pants. He was rock hard.

I then took his hand and guided it under my silk shirt. He started to pull back, “Really, I can’t!”

“Really Mr. Peterson, you can.” I said as I positioned myself between his legs and unzipped his pants to expose his bulging cock.

I took the tip of it in my mouth and started to suck on it as I looked up at him. He sighed a sound of relief and leaned his head back as I worked my way up and down his shaft.

After a few minutes he stopped me and pulled me up so that we were face to face.  “Wow,” he breathed. “Part of my mind is saying I should be freaking out that you’re here with me right now. Another part is thinking: Holy shit, did I get lucky or what?”

I leaned in and kissed him and as I did he laid back on his desk, pulling me on top of him. After a little bit of maneuvering, I position myself where I needed to be and with my skirt now pulled up around my waist, I slid his cock inside of me.

I was nervous at first but as I worked my way up and down I began to relax.  It felt so good.  It cock was a perfect fit in my wet pussy.  It was a tight fit at first but as I began to relax, it began to feel better and better inside of me.

As I was grinding my pussy on his cock I could feel it start to throb.  The more his cock throbbed the faster I bounced up and down on it.  I could tell he was about to come for me and it was the one thing I wanted more than anything.  I rode his cock hard and fast until finally he couldn’t take it anymore and pulled his cock out of me.  His hand stroked his cock feverishly, as I knelt down on the ground below him, looking up at him with anticipation.  Finally he gave me what I wanted as he squirted his come all over my face and in my mouth.

It was amazing and an experience I won’t soon forget and one that hopefully will happen again soon.

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