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After School Special

Bryan sat at his desk with his head down in the middle of an empty classroom. He was in trouble and didn’t know why. It was already half an hour after school had been let out and he was still in his last period class. He just sighed tiredly and waited playing.  He was waiting for when Mrs. Denison would allow him to go. He didn’t understand why she gave him detention. It was the last day of his senior year and at the last second before the bell rang, she said to him, “Bryan?  Please stay in your seat.”

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Hot For Teacher

I can remember the first time I met my professor, Mr. Peterson. It was the first day of class and it was a day I will never forget. I walked into Speech 101, not really wanting to be there in the first place, but I had to take it to satisfy my degree requirements. I sat down towards the back of the room so I could hurry and and get out of there when the class was over. Just after I took my seat, I noticed there was a chorus of sighs and whispers that flared up. I turned my head to try and see what had all the girls in such a tizzy and that’s when I noticed him.

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