Audio Erotic Stories – MP3

Do you love erotic fiction but don’t have the time to read them yourself? No problem! We’ve recently decided to start offering some audio versions of our more popular stories to you for free! Okay we don’t exactly have a big collection right now, but what we do have is free and we’ll be adding more in the future, so enjoy. All of our audio erotic stories come in MP3 format so they will easily play across multiple platforms.



If you like these audio erotic stories and would like me to continuing making more then you need to let us know. You can do that by clicking on any of the social buttons below, like giving us a +1 from Google plus, or clicking the Facebook like button or tweeting about this page. That will show us you do in fact like these stories and want us to add more. The more likes and shares and +’s we get, the more I’ll add. You’ll find our social share buttons at the very top of this page.


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