After School Special

Bryan sat at his desk with his head down in the middle of an empty classroom. He was in trouble and didn’t know why. It was already half an hour after school had been let out and he was still in his last period class. He just sighed tiredly and waited playing.  He was waiting for when Mrs. Denison would allow him to go. He didn’t understand why she gave him detention. It was the last day of his senior year and at the last second before the bell rang, she said to him, “Bryan?  Please stay in your seat.”

He did what she asked but was very confused. She explained to him that he had a detention that still needed to be done before he could leave for the year. As the other students were leaving he heard the usual ‘oooohhhs’ and ‘uummmms’ as if he were in deep shit. But Bryan was a good student, he never did anything inappropriate that warranted a detention. He hardly ever spoke, being as shy as he was. He had asked Mrs. Denison what this was for, but she dismissed it like he should’ve remembered. Bryan slowly dropped his backpack down to the floor and sat back down. He had wanted to say goodbye to those friends on his bus route before graduation. After all, not all of those riding were seniors.

Bryan’s head was resting on his arms, which were folded, across his desk. He quietly peeked up at the front of the classroom. There at the head of the class was Mrs. Denison. Her thirty-five year old body was sitting at her desk typing on her laptop. Her soft brown eyes darted across the screen above the rim of her glasses. The sound of her fingers pecking away at the keyboard was the only sound that echoed throughout the room.

Bryan put his head back down and breathed a sigh of irritation. He started tapping his foot on the tile floor. The tapping started softly, then began to increase.

Mrs. Denison eyes wandered up from her computer screen and landed on the young man.

Tap, tap, tap, TAP, TAP, TAP.

She stopped her typing and addressed her student.


Bryan’s head snapped to attention. His tapping ceased.

“Yeah?” Bryan asked.

“Your foot.”

“Sorry.” He said after a short hesitation.

She looked at him for a moment, then put her face back down to the computer screen. Her finger pecking began again.
Bryan just stared back at the young teacher. Her long brown hair was rolled up on the back of her head, with a few loose strands hanging around. She was a woman who didn’t need to work hard to look good. Her hair could be a mess when she woke up and still be sexy. The glasses she wore added a brainy taboo to the mix that always had the guys in her class talking.

He took a moment to look down below the desk and watched as her long legs crossed. She was really something to look at. It was too bad she was his teacher and –

“Is your mom still mad at me Bryan?”  Mrs. Denison asked not looking up from the screen.

And his mom’s best friend. Well, sort of. They had sort of a falling out a couple of weeks ago and she hadn’t been around much. Her first name was Stephanie, but since she was his teacher, both her and his mother discouraged first name reference. So to Bryan, she was Mrs. Denison. Much like referring to his mom. He would never call his mom by her first name, which was Ashley. The titles were not up for negotiation, so Bryan never brought it up.

Bryan finally answered her question, “I…I don’t know. I don’t even know what you two were upset about.”

Mrs. Denison rolled her pretty eyes, “Oh. Phuh. It’s the same old stuff Bryan. Rehashed melodrama from our old high school days. That’s all. Your mother just overreacts.”

Sarcastically Bryan replied, “Tell me about it.”

His mom and Mrs. Denison were former cheerleaders together at this very school, and very close friends. They were thirteen, or something like that, when they first met. They had a lot in common, such as their unwitting ability to attract the opposite sex. They’re both in peak physical condition, and still love to dance. Some of the differences were that Mrs. Denison was a brunette, and his mother was a blonde. Another difference was that Mrs. Denison was the book smart one who ended up with a teaching degree, while his mother was more of a party girl who ended up pregnant at age sixteen.

Bryan stared down at her legs again. He really liked it when she rubbed her calves together. She rubbed them so steady, Bryan expected to see a fire start. She was extremely enticing to look at, and Bryan loved looking. His mother’s best friend had always been one of his fantasies growing up.

In mid sentence, Mrs. Denison stopped typing to rub her eyes. She was getting tired and was about ready to tell Bryan that his detention could have an early ending. She yawned. Her mouth opened wide and her eyes shut briefly. As her eyelids opened she focused in on the eighteen-year-old senior in the middle of the classroom.

His head was still down but his eyes peered over his arms and were blatantly staring down at her legs.

Mrs. Denison noticed and her breath caught in her throat. She knew that men found her attractive and the fact that a guy would be staring at her body was no big shocker. But the fact that her best friend’s son was staring sort of caught her off guard. She knew Bryan. Bryan didn’t just come right out and stare at women’s bodies. He was too shy. He was just a kid at heart. She didn’t think that Bryan had ever been with a girl. ‘Poor kid’ she thought to herself.

He didn’t realize that she was aware of his staring. She decided to just give him a little taste of what his eyes so very much wanted to see. She figured this was the last day of his high school career, and after he leaves here he’ll be entering the world of adulthood, so why not just tease the boy a little. She won’t get into any trouble for “accidentally” exposing herself a little bit. Mrs. Denison was pretty sure Bryan wouldn’t tell. Besides, it was something that she had always fantasized about. Playing around with a student without actually playing was kind of kinky. She missed the old days when she was in high school. She and Ashley would delight in torturing the high school boys together. It was their special gift to the school. They were the school cock teasers, and they loved the title.

Mrs. Denison continued to type, only now she uncrossed her legs and re-crossed them towards the unsuspecting kid. Her face never came up from the computer screen as she slowly started to rub her legs together. She flexed her leg muscles slightly, just enough to cause the curves to gain in dimension.

Bryan gulped as his teacher’s legs rubbed back and forth seductively.

She then uncrossed her legs and opened them. Her thighs were open so he could see up her skirt all the way to her black panties.

Bryan’s eyelids stretched open and he scooted around nervously in his seat. He couldn’t believe his luck. Mrs. Denison was unknowingly showing him her panties. He felt the arousal start to build. The stirring in his pants made him dizzy. This was his mom’s friend. His teacher. He didn’t know how to react. He was having a hard time relaxing.

“So what are your plans this summer Bryan?” She asked without looking up.

His eyes went to her beautiful face.  “Umm…I don’t know yet.” He said timidly.

“You gonna pick up chicks? Party? That sort of thing?” She smirked.

Bryan’s face drooped.  “Nah.”

She looked up at him and gave him a sympathetic look, “Awwwe.”

Bryan grimaced.  Mrs. Denison backed away from her desk and stood. She walked over to the chalkboard. There were several chemistry notes on the board. She picked up an eraser and began to wipe it clean. Her back was turned to Bryan and she continued to talk to him.

Bryan watched the lovely creature at the board as she made tiny circles with the eraser.

Mrs. Denison made it a point to spend as much time at the board as possible. She wanted her captive audience to enjoy her backside. The short black skirt hugged her hips tightly and she spread her legs shoulder width apart. The skirt came down to mid thigh and she swayed slightly. She put the other hand on her butt in a nonchalant way, as if resting her shoulder.

“Soooo, Bryan. What do you plan to do with your life now that you’re graduating?” Her fingers dug into her bottom.

Bryan’s legs pressed up and together. He slid one of his books down into his lap in order to hide the erection that was forming. Again he gulped and stared at the tight fabric that engulfed her round form. She lightly scratched the thin material with her painted fingernails. Bryan’s stomach did somersaults.

“I…was thinking about college. I don’t know.” Bryan couldn’t think straight.

“College is good. What do you plan to study?” She moved down the board closer to where Bryan was sitting.

“Uh…I want to be a…a…”

“An…astronaut?” She turned her head to him and smiled. It was one of those groin-numbing smiles where she bit her bottom teeth. Those perfect brown, doe eyes shined through the lens of her glasses and captivated Bryan. The loose strands of brown hair fell down in her face and she blew on them softly.


She giggled, “Well…good. I’m glad you have ambitions.”

She was almost finished when the eraser dropped out of her hand. It fell down in front of her. Mrs. Denison took a deep breath and faced forward. This is what she had been waiting for. The ultimate craving for a young man. She started to lean over at the waist.

Bryan pressed the book hard into his lap as his teacher bent down to pick up the eraser.

She purposely kept her legs straight and extended her arm. Her other hand gently rubbed down her bottom and caressed the back of her thigh. She stayed in that position a little longer than was necessary, but she didn’t care. She enjoyed teasing young Bryan. It was something she had never done to him before. In all the years she had known him, it never even crossed her mind. Finally she slowly stood up and went back to erasing the board.

Bryan shivered with excitement as Mrs. Denison’s exquisite body slid back up into a standing position. He noticed her small hand never left her rearend.

Mrs. Denison could feel his eyes burning holes into her skirt. It was like she could feel the heat emanating from his teenage hormones. It was making her hot and she started to perspire. Casually she reached up and unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse. This exposed part of her black bra and enough cleavage to make a grown man cry. She turned towards Bryan and put her hands on her hips.

She smiled, “You have any questions for me Bryan?”

Bryan raised an eyebrow, “About what?”

“About anything silly. College?” Her smile was hypnotic.

Bryan shrugged, “I don’t know. What do you know about college?”

This made Mrs. Denison laugh. She walked over to Bryan, pulled out a chair, and sat in front of him. Once again she crossed her legs for the young boy. She also crossed her arms underneath her tits which caused them to lift, exposing more of her cleavage.

Bryan felt the lump form in his throat as Mrs. Denison’s nipples pressed against her blouse. He was becoming nervous, especially now with her hot body sitting so close to him. He adjusted the book in his lap so she couldn’t see the tent in his shorts.

“You know Bryan, I am a teacher. I did go to college. I think I know a few things.” She smirked at the obvious tension in his body. She laughed on the inside as she watched his roaming eyes jump back and forth between her legs to her chest. It was evident that he was having some trouble controlling their activity. They wouldn’t stay locked in their sockets.

“Socializing.” Bryan stated.

“What?” Mrs. Denison asked confused.

“I want to know about socializing with people in college. Tell me about it.”

Mrs. Denison paused for a minute. Her brain was obviously processing what Bryan had asked her.

“You mean like…frats or something? How to make friends?” She looked at quizzically, “Is that what you mean Bryan?”

Bryan shrugged, “Sure. I don’t know. I’m just not very good at it.”

She smiled coyly at his honesty. She thought it was a cute and endearing quality.

“Jeez Bryan, I thought you were going to ask something difficult. I am Mrs. Socialite. I know how to talk to people.”


“Well sure. You know me Bryan. Have you ever seen me shy with people?”


“No. It comes naturally to me.” She uncrossed her legs, alternated, then crossed them again. She made sure to open them enough to give Bryan a close up shot of her panty-covered pussy.

“So…I…” Bryan stuttered and then fell silent. He could see every thing between her thighs. Her smooth skin, firm and tan. And the black lingerie that covered up her most intimate area. She was driving him crazy. And to Bryan, she didn’t realize she was doing it.

His stuttering made Mrs. Denison giggle, “You okay Bryan? Cat got your tongue?”

“Naw…I mean…I’m fine.” Again he adjusted his legs so he could relieve the increasing pressure in his crotch. That was the power women had over men. Embarrassment. An erection is like an alarm system announcing a guy’s arousal to the world. And women like Mrs. Denison knew exactly how to trigger them.

“You seem a little uncomfortable Bryan. Why don’t you stand up and stretch?” She smirked knew full well what she wanted him to do.

“No!” He blurted out, “I mean…I’m fine.” Bryan struggled for the right words. He couldn’t talk. The only thing on his mind was Mrs. Denison’s extraordinary body sitting two feet in front of him.

She took the game to the next level, “Oh come on Bryan. Stand up.”

Mrs. Denison stood up before the nervous teenager and grabbed his arms. She pulled him up out of the desk. Frightened that he was about to expose himself to her, he held the book in place in front of him as he stood.

“There you go Bryan. Just because you have detention doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable.” She stood directly in front of the scared boy and looked down at the chemistry book he was holding.

“What are you doing Bryan?”

His eyes shot open and his arms tensed. He followed her beautiful eyes down to the book.

“Nothing…I…nothing…” Bryan stammered.

Mrs. Denison looked at Bryan’s face. She smiled at him. Bryan smiled back and did his best to keep eye contact with her. It was difficult because now her cleavage was just inches away from him.

The two of them stood facing each other for about a minute not saying anything. Bryan studied every inch of the pretty woman’s face. Every curve and dimple of her cheeks made Bryan want to cry. She was just too perfect and he wanted to stare at her until the end of time.

Without warning the book slipped out of his hands and fell on the floor. It’s spine crashed against the tile and bounced back behind Mrs. Denison.

Bryan closed his eyes and breathed heavily. He couldn’t move.

“Oh!” Mrs. Denison exclaimed as the book smacked the ground. She looked down behind her and turned around slowly, “I’ll get it Bryan.”

And for the second time in the past twenty minutes, Mrs. Denison did what all males ache for. She bent her deliciously perfect form over at the waist, and didn’t bend her knees. Only this time, this sizzling body was directly in front of him.

Mrs. Denison took great delight in her venomous teasing of her young student. She bent down slower than she did to pick up the eraser. She wanted to give Bryan ample time to stare at her round butt. She was proud of her firm ass. She had spent lots of time working out, sculpting her ass to a perfect shape. The best part was that she was already blessed with a flawless figure. Not much exercising was needed to improve on an already desirable body.

Bryan’s breathing quickened and he hiccuped. He opened his eyes to absolute heaven. Mrs. Denison’s ass right under his nose only inches from his shorts. If she backed up just slightly her skirt would bump into his cock. Or if he moved in slightly he’d press into her. This was becoming more than he could take. The stimulation was unlike anything he’d ever experienced before.

Mrs. Denison grabbed onto the book and smiled. She didn’t want to stand up yet. This was too exciting. Instead she turned her head to see what her little friend was doing. Her head went to the side and looked up at Bryan’s face.

Bryan tore his eyes away from her tight behind and looked down at her.

Mrs. Denison bit her bottom lip and Bryan’s jaw dropped. His eyes were struggling to stay open. It looked as though he could pass out at any moment.

She didn’t say anything. Instead she took one step backwards and pressed her skirt-covered ass into his throbbing erection. It was just a small bump, but it sent jolts of electricity through his body.

“Sorry Bryan.” As she said this she started to rub her ass into his straining cock ever so lightly. She didn’t want to make this a hardcore situation. Just a small massage that would drive Bryan wild. Just something that would encourage Bryan to tell stories to his teenage friends. Yet not enough to get her into trouble.

“Uh…Uh…Mrs. Denison…” Bryan sighed. His hands trembled at his sides. He wanted to grab hold of her lovely cheeks and hold her there at his cock. He was sweating now as her ass gently brushed against his hardon.

She bit harder on her lower lip and closed her eyes. She knew she had to stand up now, otherwise the situation was going to get out of hand and it would be all her fault. Instead of listening to her morals she pressed back into him a little harder.

“I’ve got your book here, Bryan…” She stated the obvious with a breathless voice.

“Uh-huh…” Bryan agreed. Carefully he nudged his cock into the skirt, applying a tiny pressure.

Her heart was racing like wild fire through the Arizona Forrest. Goosebumps cascaded her shoulders and forearms.

Bryan was still standing there with his legs shaking. His arms continued to shiver at his sides. The boy’s heart was pounding, and the anxiety of the whole situation was unbearable. Bryan couldn’t move. His tented jean shorts continued to jut out from his body, causing a hurtful pressure in his balls.

Mrs. Denison opened her mouth to speak, but fell short. She just stood there and kept her mouth shut, gazing at Bryan.

As she looked at Bryan, she couldn’t help but notice the enormous bulge in the front of his pants. It shocked her. Bryan’s erect penis looked like it was bursting through the zipper.
She felt a warm tingle surge through her legs.

She thought about ‘His…hard…long…bulging…’ The strange thoughts penetrated her mind against her will.

Mrs. Denison was getting frustrated.

Mrs. Denison gulped.

Bryan’s erection begun gaining strength.

Mrs. Denison’s eyes began locking onto his erect penis. It was still hiding inside the jean shorts but she could tell it was big.

Her own skin started to tingle as she gazed upon the hidden hardon. She started feeling that strange feeling again where she wanted to know what was in those shorts. The way his pants were pushing out, it made the shorts look too small.

Bryan stared at the floor and didn’t notice the eyes boring into him. Even their silence didn’t catch his attention. He just stood there aimlessly with his fingers gripping the sides of his pants.

Mrs. Denison looked away from Bryan’s crotch and back up towards her desk.  The student stood silently; unaware as to the several thoughts about him that floated about the room.

She began to feel heat coming from inside her body. No matter how hard she concentrated, the warmth between her legs smoldered. It scared her. Mrs. Denison too was consumed with a heat that wouldn’t cease. She was being overwhelmed by urges to ravish the barely legal kid and scratch the itch amid her thighs. As the beads of moisture formed on her face she looked up

The aura of sex was filling the room quickly and Mrs. Denison  knew it. Once the aura caught a hold of you, you become helpless to its pull.

Bryan was yawning. He was focusing on the floor in front of him as his teacher studied him.

“He’s so young . So young and strong.

“I…I…” Bryan searched for the right thing to say, but the right words never came.

Bryan suddenly looked up as the woman in front of him.

Mrs. Denison’s eyelids looked heavy, but she didn’t look sleepy. Her mouth was open slightly and she was breathing heavily. However she was not out of breath.

“Mrs. Denison …what’s wrong?” Bryan asked of his teacher.

Mrs. Denison came right up to his body and stood in front of him. She looked into his eyes with a glazed expression. Her close proximity was bringing a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach.

Bryan took a step back. Mrs. Denison walked closer. So Bryan took another step back. Then the sexy teacher closed the gap. Bryan walked backwards until he slammed into the chalkboard.

“Owwe!” Bryan exclaimed as he rubbed the back of his head.

His teacher walked so close that they pressed her body into his and continued staring into his eyes. Bryan was frightened. He stood their exchanging glances with her and felt as her warm, sweet breath brushed past his face.

“Are you okay Bryan? You hurt yourself?” Mrs. Denison puffed out her lower lip in sympathy. “Awwwe, poor baby.”

“Huh?” The boy felt loopy.

Suddenly Bryan felt hands on his chest. He looked down and saw that Mrs. Denison was lightly scratching him with her nails.

“Mrs. Denison?” Bryan asked in puzzlement.

“Sshhhhhhhhhhh…let me ask you a question Bryan. Can I ask you a question?”

The lump in Bryan’s throat eased down his gullet slowly as her deep sensuous voice spoke to him.

She continued, “Have you ever thought about me naked?”

His head bumped into the chalkboard again. He didn’t reach up to rub it this time. He just stood there wide-eyed and looked deep into the eyes of his teacher. Bryan didn’t answer her question.

Mrs. Denison smirked, “I’ll ask again. Have you ever thought about me naked before? You know…in the nude?” She leaned in and kissed the corner of his mouth softly.

“Ummm…” Bryan jerked his head when he felt Mrs. Denison’s hot lips press against his face.

As soon as his head rotated upwards he felt her lips start to slowly kiss his neck. The soft pecking of his teacher’s lips on his skin sent shivers to his cock. It pressed even harder than before on his zipper. He then felt two hands caressing his midsection. His teacher was massaging his chest and then reached around his back.

“Answer my question Bryan.” Mrs. Denison insisted. She extended her tongue and began licking his neck until he brought his head back down to her level. He looked at her with a frightened expression. He had never been this far with any girl before. And the fact that it was his teacher was twisting his world upside-down. Mrs. Denison noticed his virginal apprehension and shuddered excitedly. She couldn’t believe this was happening.

Bryan’s teacher began to make out with him “Hhmmm….Bryan….hhhmmmm…” Mrs. Denison hummed into the mouth of her student.

Mrs. Denison started to suck on his ear lobe and continued to her feel up of her student. She reached a hand back behind him and grabbed onto his butt. She squeezed his cheek and pulled herself into him tightly. She could feel his cock pressing through their clothes and she was relishing in it.

Bryan fidgeted with fright as he felt Mrs. Denison’s hand on his ass. His mouth was busy swallowing her tongue that he didn’t notice that her hand was also roaming down his back to the other cheek. Suddenly her hand was there and she squeezed and pulled herself into his body.

“Uhhhh…Mrs. Denison …ooohhh…Mrs. Denison…” Bryan moaned in between breaths.

“Yes ?” Mrs. Denison brought her face around to her student as he broke the kiss with his teacher/
“Hhhmmm…hhhmmmm…oh God Bryan…hhmmmm…” The sound of his teacher’s erotic, breathless words was driving him insane.

“Bryan? Why don’t you answer my question? Huh?” Mrs. Denison was not giving up. She loved to torture her lovers. Especially this one. She could make this kid do or say anything with the right motivation.

She took her hand and slid it down his chest. She slid it all the way down the waist of his shorts. Without unbuttoning him or unzipping his fly she slid her hand right into his pants and into his boxers. Mrs. Denison grasped his throbbing member in her hand and squeezed it hard.

He broke away from his teacher’s lips, “AAAaahhh! Holy shit! Mrs. Denison!” Bryan practically yelled as fingers wrapped around his cock and started to pump madly. His cock was still locked away and it hurt wonderfully as she started to jack him with little room to move in. Her fingers jerked up and down his foreskin, which squashed the head of his cock into the front of his jeans.

“Ooohh…fuck…oh God…Mrs. Denison…” Bryan groaned.

“All in good time. First answer my question.” She continued her hand job of the trembling boy.

The heated Mrs. Denison’s head was reeling. She student’s tongue and was overwhelmed with guilt. She knew she had to stop this and stop soon. But her hip was rubbing against the side of Bryan’s cock as it was jacked back and forth. The sensations were sending electric currents to her pussy.

Mrs. Denison asked again, “Have you ever thought about me naked, Bryan?”

“This is too much!” Bryan broke away from. He leaned his head back and again looked towards the ceiling. ” I can’t…Uhh…take this…Ooohh…”

Mrs. Denison pouted as her tongue slipped from his mouth. His grunting at what Mrs. Denison was doing to him made her shudder. Her own hand was clawing the center of his chest like a cat in heat. Her breathing was hot and heavy. She looked down at his pants. The crotch was jumping up and down with every jerk of Mrs. Denison’s hand. She couldn’t stand to watch any longer.
She started to jack him, “Oh you’ll take it Bryan.”

The older woman shook their hands wildly up and down his engorged shaft. His body jerked and bounced against the chalkboard sending chalk dust everywhere. He hit his head several times. Mrs. Denison was smiling at the forbidden situation they were in.
The muscles on her arms flexed as it extended down into his shorts.

“Come on Bryan. Tell me.” Mrs. Denison asked her student.

“I…I…” Bryan stuttered.

“Have you ever wanted to see me in the buff?” Mrs. Denison asked again. Her wrist was getting sore from his waistband digging into her skin. However she did not relent. She continued to squeeze and shake his cock between her fingers maliciously. And she did not plan on stopping until she got her answer.

“I…can’t…this is…ooohhh fuck…I…” Bryan was standing on his tiptoes. He had to grab hold of the women’s shoulders for support; otherwise he was going to fall over.

Mrs. Denison  began to blow on her student’s straining neck and pressed her hips against his vibrating leg, “If you don’t tell me, I might stop. Have you or have you not, ever wanted, to see me with no clothes on?”


Mrs. Denison laughed, “Yes what, Bryan?” She began a rigorous attack. She pulled on his cock like a jackhammer. Mrs. Denison showed now mercy as they shook and pulled on his foreskin like a mad, horny, bitch.

“Yes!…I have…wanted to see you naked! Ooohh God…this is…ooohh fuck….Mrs. Denison.

Stephanie giggled.

“Uh…HUH!…OOOooohhh…” Bryan felt faint.

Mrs. Denison pulled her hand out of his pants and she took a step back from the increasingly aroused boy. Bryan felt relief, fear, and anticipation all at the same time. He thought his cock would explode.

“We don’t want you coming too early.” Mrs. Denison stated as she started to undress.

Stephanie then unzipped his fly and the jean shorts fell around his ankles. The only thing holding his stiff pole in was the pair of boxer shorts. When she reached inside his boxers, both of Bryan’s hands grabbed hers.

“Wait!” Bryan was truly scared. He yanked her hand away.

“Awwe, Bryan.” His teacher kissed his neck, “What is it?”

“I…I…don’t know.”

“Yes you do.” She brought her mouth up to his.

“It’s just…” He hesitated then said, “What if I’m not…” He gulped, “Not…a good size.”

She bit her lip and blushed, “Oh God Bryan…you have no idea do you?” Her tongue entered his mouth and whined when his tongue entered hers.

She broke away, “Poor Bryan. All pent up and nothing to fuck.” She gently brought her hand up to the center of his chest. As done earlier, she started to slide it downwards.

Bryan felt her hand moving in the same manner as before. He took a quick intake of breath.

Mrs. Denison felt his chest heave up and down. It was getting heavier and heavier as she once again slid her hand into his boxers.

“Uuhhh…God…” Bryan moaned as Mrs. Denison grasped his cock and aimed it out the opening. The opening in the fabric parted as his cock slid through. He moaned as the material ran down the length.

Mrs. Denison finished undressing herself. She threw all her clothes in a pile including her black lingerie. The only thing she had on was her thigh high stockings and her glasses.

She stood before him looking like every male student’s fantasy. An extremely hot teacher, that he’s fantasized about many times, standing there completely naked. Her hair up in a bun and her glasses slightly fogged from her body heat.

She stood before him and put her hands on his shoulders. She leaned into him and pressed her hardened nipples into his chest and dry humped his AB muscles.

“Bryan?” She was inches away from his face.

“Ohhhh…fuck…Uhhhh…fuck…Mrs. Denison…” His eyes closed as his hot teacher was doing unbelievable things to him with her tongue.

Mrs. Denison spoke again, “Bryan?” He opened his eyes and looked at the teacher. “How do you feel?”

There was a pause as another sensation racked his body, but he finally responded, “Fine…uhhhh…fuck….ohhh God…fine…”

Mrs. Denison did her trade mark bottom lip bite and smirked, “Just fine, Bryan? Sounds more than fine.”

“UUUUuhhhhhh! Oh fucking fuck! Mrs. Denison…soooo fucking….fine!” Bryan was again straining up on his tiptoes.

Mrs. Denison clasped the back of his head and brought it back down to eye level. “I’m sorry Bryan.”

“Uuhhh…” Bryan moaned, “For…what?”

“For making you serve detention.” She brought her finger up to his open mouth and traced his lips slowly. Sweat was pouring down his face and it was difficult for her to stay inside the lines. “Do you forgive me Bryan?”

“Uuuhhh…oohhhhh…Mrs. Denison….your mouth….ooooooohhhhh…” Bryan couldn’t concentrate as his horny teacher persistently sucked on his raging hardon.

“Bryan, you’re not answering me again.” Mrs. Denison made sad face at the boy. She teased him, trying to make him feel guilty.

“What?…Oohh! Uhhh!”

“I said…do you forgive me for making you serve detention?” She milked it for all she was worth. She rubbed her nipples up and down his chest and kissed the side of his mouth again. “I don’t think I could stand it if you didn’t forgive me.”

“…..Oooohhh…Mrs. Denison…mouth warm…uhhhhh…Mrs. Denison…sucking…”

“Come on Bryan.” She closed her lips over his and proceeded to make out with him. As they started to swap tongues with each other, Bryan wrapped his arms around her naked backside and held the perfect globes of her ass.

“HHHhmm!!” Mrs. Denison was a little shocked by his boldness. But she went with it and enjoyed his hands touching her. She loved it when his fingers dug into her flesh. He was like a kid in a candy store. She cooed when he spread them open and pulled her up and into his body. This forced her up on her tiptoes. The teacher closed her eyes and continued to dry hump him as his young, strong hands pulled them together.

The sight was amazing. If anyone were to walk into the room they would see a student pressed up against a chalkboard.

Mrs. Denison’s breathing was rapid and deep. Her hot and seductive eyes were staring her student in the face with anxious waiting.

“Mrs. Denison? I…I…oh God…I…” Bryan saw the look in his teacher’s face and it scared him. This whole thing was way too much at once. His teacher was craving his cock like it was the best thing she’d ever had in her mouth.  He didn’t know how to handle it.
His teacher, Mrs. Denison, was obviously up to something. She had told him it wasn’t over yet, and he believed her. He didn’t know what to do. His own breathing became quicker at the look in Mrs. Denison’s eyes. His heart was beating out of his chest and he felt like passing out.

Mrs. Denison stood there silently and with lustful expression. She stared her student down like a predator eyeing its prey.

Bryan felt a throbbing in his head as his teacher’s cotton panties came into view. Her pussy lips poked through the cotton and were easy to see. A small triangle of hair was trimmed neatly above her lips. Bryan felt his mouth water.

Mrs. Denison then placed her fingers in the waist of her cotton panties and pulled them down to the floor.  Bryan about had a heart attack. His legs started to buckle and he began sliding down the wall.

“Oh no you don’t” Mrs. Deinson ran over to the collapsing boy and put an arm over her shoulder.

Mrs. Denison lifted him up and dragged him over to the chair at her deks.  He sat down and tried to sit up. He scooted up in the chair and leaned his head back. His collapsing eyelids opened slightly to see the incredible woman, naked, horny, and standing before him looking down at his tall standing erection.

Mrs. Denison stood before her student and breathed heavily. Her pert tits just heaved up and down as her urges kicked into overdrive.

Mrs. Denison took a step forward and straddled her student in the chair. Grabbing hold of his shoulders she pulled herself forward into position above his steel rod. She kept her legs on the ground for bouncing support and lowered herself onto him.

Bryan held each side of her firm belly and stared tiredly at her tits in front of him.

Her small, tight pussy lips spread as they touched the head of his cock and slid down his shaft tightly.

“UUUUUhhhhh…Bryan…baby…oh shit! OOOohhh!” Mrs. Denison yelled as she sunk all the way down.

“Mrs. Denison…I…oh God…Mrs. Denison…this isn’t right…Oohhh!” Bryan uttered weakly as his teacher started to bounce up and down.


The sensations flooded his body. She rocked him up and down in the chair causing it to squeak and roll on its wheels.

“OOOooohhhhh…fuck…..Bryan Fucking Damn It!…Sooo Good!” The chair slid back against the wall and Bryan bumped his head. But Mrs. Denison didn’t notice, nor did she care. The only feeling she was interested in was feeling she got when her son’s enormous cock slid in and out of her pussy.

“Oohhh…Mrs. Denison…Uuhhhh…fuck…Mrs. Denison….Oohh Mrs. Denison…” Bryan was in utter pleasure. He couldn’t think straight as his teacher sprung herself up and down on his cock like a pogo stick. She was possessed. Mrs. Denison felt like she could do this non-stop forever.

“Bryan…hahhhaa…oh fuck Bryan…uahhhh…oooohhhhh…Bryan…” Mrs. Denison groaned and moaned as she banged her student repeatedly.

“Mrs. Denison…ohhhhh…Mrs. Denison…so tight…fucking tight Mrs. Denison…”

“OOOOooooohhhhhh Bryan!!”

“Oh God Bryan…shit…OOOoooohhh…My God…Uhhhh…Aahhh…OH…I’m cumming Bryan…” Mrs. Denison explained.

“HHhhmmm…Oh Bryan…baby…I’m cuuummmiiiinnnngggggg…”

“ohhhhh Mrs. Denison…sooooo tight…soooo warm….Mrs. Denison…..oh God ….” Bryan ached and groaned as his hot teacher rode his cock like a cowgirl.

“Here it comes….Uh…almost…Bryan…ohhhhh fuck…here it is…” Mrs. Denison warned.

“AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..BBBBRRRYYYAANNNNN……” Mrs. Denison screeched a loud wail as her pussy exploded with orgasmic fire. Her orgasm racked her body and she shook like she required an exorcism.

Bryan seemed almost surprised that his teacher had an orgasm. His face was painted red from blushing that his hot teacher had a tremendous climax while riding his erection.

After Mrs. Denison’s orgasm subsided, she slowly started to lift herself off of her student’s still erect cock. Her legs were shaky. She had to push herself off by using Bryan’s shoulders for leverage.

As her incredibly wet and tight pussy slid off his cock, Bryan groaned when the head of his dick hit the cold air of the room.

He sighed loudly, “Aaaaahhhh…”

“Bryan? You’re not finished are you?” She asked teasingly. “You wanna stop now?”

“God…Mrs. Denison…you…I…” He didn’t know what he was trying to say. Just the sight of her naked body clad only in stockings and those glasses gave Bryan the fantasy of the brainy girl that turned out to be a hottie in disguise.

“I tell you what Bryan. This is your last day of high school. You’re 18 now. And I feel horrible for making you stay after school. So now I’m going to make it up to you. You know how, Bryan?”

Bryan sat there silently. His cock aching for relief.

Mrs. Denison smiling wildly, “I’m…going to fuck your brains out Bryan. What do you think?”

Again Bryan said nothing.

The naked teacher rolled her eyes playfully, “Jeez Bryan. You’re not much of a talker. I hope you talk more in college. That’s the key to socializing, you know?”

Bryan shook his head in agreement.

“That’s okay. I have ways of making you talk. I never would’ve made it in college had I not known how to fuck. Especially the teachers.” She giggled to herself with that little white lie. She knew this kid was getting something most kids only dream about. Stephanie never actually got the opportunity to fuck any of her teachers. There were a few that she wanted to, but opportunity never came a knocking.

“I’m going to give you a choice now, Bryan.” She stood there before him and spread her legs slightly. “I can fuck you by riding in … Or … ” Then she spun around with her back to him. “I can fuck you this way. Either way…I’m going to screw that nice prick of yours till you’re empty.”

Stephanie turned her head back to Bryan. She wiggled her perfectly round ass in Bryan’s face. His eyes were glued to her tan cheeks. She giggled and clenched them together to get his attention.

Bryan snapped his head back up to her smiling face. He had a glossy look in his eyes that told her everything she needed to know.

“I’ll take it, you want it this way.”

Bryan’s wobbly head shook somewhat in the way of a nod.

Mrs. Denison took a step back towards Bryan and straddled his waist. She put her legs on either side of the chair and pressed her ass up against his chin. Bryan leaned over and started to suck on the small of her back. When she felt Bryan’s lips on her back she quivered.

“Whoa! Bryan, that tickles.” Then she looked down between her legs. “Still hard?” He was still hard. “Good.”
Stephanie slowly started to lower herself down onto Bryan’s hot pole. Her legs bent and her pussy lips wrapped around the head of his cock.

“OH!” Mrs. Denison gasped. Her pussy was achy and tenderer than she thought.

“Mrs. Denison…oooooohhhhh…fuck…fuck…fuck…oh God….” The boy was almost incoherent. He took a hold of her bottom with both hands. He held her tight and squeezed her cheeks as she teased his prick with her pussy. She dipped up and down a few times, just taking the head in, then popping back up.

“OH…AHhh…oh Bryan … it’s like rock…” Her breathing became short and heavy.  She moaned a few more times as his head crowned her pussy lips. Her lips wrapped around his head like a small mouth. She stayed like that for a minute and just moaned her excitement for what was to come.

Mrs. Denison looked at the boy with cock of steel. “Bryan …don’t die on me…”

Bryan weakly shook his head.

“AAAAAAaahhhhh FUCK YEAH!” Mrs. Denison yelled as her pussy lips slid down his length and rested at his base.

“Oh God…Mrs. Denison…no more…I can’t…oh God…” Bryan said dazed.

“Oh yes you will…Bryan…Ughh!” She stated with conviction as her pussy muscles squeezed him hard. “Still good. Here we go.”

Bryan whimpered, “No…”

At that she rose up the length of his shaft and then dropped back down quickly.  With both hands, she reached down and clasped Bryan’s knees. With this new support she began a rigorous springing up and down on the teenage cock.

“OOOHhhh Bryannnnn….Sooo Hard……soooo strong… hard Bryan…” Mrs. Denison exclaimed as she bounced her tight ass up and down. Her unbelievable ass slid up and down his stomach. He looked down at her cheeks in his hands and gasped at the sight alone. He couldn’t break his gaze away. The young boy couldn’t do anything except hold on for dear life. Her ass was perfect for hanging onto in this situation. She did all the work, and Bryan just had to sit there and enjoy.

Mrs. Denison eyes shut tightly and she winced as the delicious pain of Bryan’s cock slammed into her. Her arms were pushing off on his knees so forcefully that she pushed his legs together. As the teenager’s legs came together, suddenly his cock grew an entire inch and extended up into Stephanie’s incredibly tight pussy. Stephanie moaned her delighted anguish as his elongated penis shoved into her.

“AAAAHhahha! Fuck Bryan…Ohhh…your cock grew…Fucking Shit!!!” She yelled again. “Ohh..whatever…you…do…Oooohhhh …keep…ahhhh…your legs together….FUCK!!”

On the desk, Ashley looked over at her best friend who was getting it good from her shy son. The recovering mother watched as her son’s erection increased in size. Her eyes widened and once again her breathing became quick. She whimpered at the thought of riding him again. She reached down and began to rub her exposed clit.

“Ohhhh my God Bryan!…What the Fuck!…SOOOO hard…soooo good…” Sweat poured down the teacher’s face and dripped all over Bryan’s legs.

Bryan hopelessly moaned his own pleasure, “Aaah…Ohhh shit…Mrs. Denison…tight…I can’t do…OOoohhhh…Nooo…too much….Ahhh fucking…OHHhh…God Mrs. Denison…”

“Don’t give up on me Bryan!” The sexy vixen yelled over her shoulder at the young boy below her. “Hmmmmmm…Bryan….don’t give up on me….OOOhhhh fuck me Bryan…”

“I…I…I don’t know…I…ooohhhh sooo tight….soooo good…” Bryan pleaded for help.

Mrs. Denison saw the despair in his eyes and let go of one of his knees. She reached behind her and put her arm behind his neck. She drew him forward and turned to the side slightly. There she shoved her hard nipple into his mouth. Bryan started sucking on it like a hungry puppy who hadn’t been fed for days. “There you go…Ohhhh…soooo good…don’t give up on me Bryan…Aaahhh!…” Stephanie continued her bouncing in this awkward position.

“Kept it coming…..OOOohh…Uhhhhh…Bryan…soooo good…Bryan…fucking good…” Mrs. Denison was fucking him hard and fast. Bryan looked like he was going to black out at any second, but the pleasure he was in right now would definitely follow him into the dream world. He would be erect for weeks, even if he went into a coma.

Bryan nursed on Mrs. Denison’s nipple like it was a life saving elixir. Every time his teacher went up off his cock, his lips would suck on it harder to keep it in his mouth.

“Ohhh Fuck…fuck…fuck…Bryan…Ohhh…God…Ahhhh…” Mrs. Denison bounced harder and harder with everlasting power. “I’m sorry Bryan…” She moaned into his ear. “I’m  sorry…Aahhh…oHHhh…fuck Bryan…”

“Mrs. Denison…oooahhhhh…” Bryan responded with little energy.

“AaAaaahhaaa…Oohh…OH! Soooo Sorry Bryan…Aha!…Sorry about the…ohOHOH..detention.”

Bryan heard her say this and dropped her nipple from his lips. For some reason, this apology about his detention sparked some ancient reserve buried deep into the boy’s psyche. The word “detention” coursed through his head like electricity. He suddenly remembered that it was the “detention” that got him into this situation in the first place. Hearing her apologize for it while she fucked his cock triggered a reserve battery inside him that made him feel completely energized again.

“….Ooohhh Mrs. Denison….fuck…sorry….” Bryan slowly started to come back.

Mrs. Denison turned to face forward again, “YES Bryan! I’m…AAHHH…soooo sorry…”

Bryan spoke a little louder, “You’re….sorry?…Aahhh…”

“YES! I’m…sorry…AAAhhh…”

While Mrs. Denison continued to ride up and down furiously, Bryan reached up under her arms and attached his palms over his teacher’s jiggling tits. He grabbed them hard and pulled her body back against his. This put pressure on the opposite side of her pussy.

“AAHH GOD!!” Mrs. Denison reached for the arm rests as her leverage was thrown off. She succeeded in her grasp and from this angle continued her pushing off.

Bryan began to ravage her tits and squeeze them roughly.

“OHHH Bryan…my GOD…AHHH…OHHH…” She looked up at the desk and saw her friend moaning and shoving fingers into her pussy at a ridiculous pace. ”

“OH FUCK!…” She moaned as the boy beneath her pulled and pinched her nipples.

Bryan was so occupied with mauling her tit flesh that his knees began to spread apart. Mrs. Denison felt the change and got freaked.

“NO! Bryan!…Ohhh…Aahhh…keep your knees….OH GOD…aahhhHHH…OHHhh…together.” She was frantic and couldn’t push them together herself because of Bryan’s newly found strength. “OH please…Oohhhh…Ahahhhh…”

“AAHHHH FUCK ME!!” Mrs. Denison shouted as Bryan’s cock once again grew an inch. The size increase was perfect.

“Mrs. Denison…sooo tight…” Bryan said as his grip on his teacher’s sweaty body became increasingly difficult to hold.

Suddenly Bryan felt the pressure in his balls. He felt the numb and sensual tingle coming from deep inside his cock. As his teacher’s slick pussy slid up and down his pole he was pretty damn sure it was coming.

Mrs. Denison whispered into her student’s ear. “I’m…Oohhh…cuming…soon…Aahhh…just a little…Ohhh…more…”

“OOH!!” Bryan said, “I…I’m gonna cum!!”

Mrs. Denison bounced as best she could and started to cry, “I…Ohh..can’t…Aahhh…Sssooo fucking good….he’s sooo hard …Uuhhh…can’t….”

“AAAhhhhh Mrs. Denison!!” Bryan shouted.

“OH! AH! OH! FUCK! Bryan! FUCK ME! OH!” Mrs. Denison couldn’t hold it anylonger, “AAAAAAHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….OHHHHHH FFFFUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKK!!!!!”

With the added warmth to his cock from Mrs. Denison’s orgasm, Bryan finally let go.

“OOOOOOOOhhhhhhhh FUCKING SHITTTT!!!” Bryan shot out a load that warmed Mrs. Denison from the inside out.

Mrs. Denison’s eyes sunk as she relished in the feeling of his cum splashing out like a hose all over her insides.

“OOoooohhhhhh…..Mrs. Denison….oh fuck…..sooooooo damn tight…….ohhhhh ……soooo good…….”

Bryan’s head fell backwards as he finished off his spray canon in the small, tight hole of his teacher. As soon as he finished completely he felt the blackness overwhelm his head and he was almost certain he was going to pass out. The darkness glazed over his eyes. He watched as the smooth, tan, and sweaty backside of Mrs. Denison fuzzed away to nothing.  Luckily, about thirty seconds later his eyes came back into focus.

When everything became clear he noticed that Mrs. Denison had once again twisted around to face him. His cock was still buried deep in her pussy. She had her arm wrapped around his neck and was smirking at him with the lovely overbite.

“Am I forgiven, Bryan?” Mrs. Denison asked the young boy breathlessly.

Bryan was lost in a sea of pleasure. He could only stare at the woman and think. The only thing he could think about was the fact that they had an incredible pussy and his cock was in it. His teacher, Mrs. Denison.  She had sucked his cock. Hard!

“Huh?” Bryan finally asked.

This made Mrs. Denison laugh.   She then looked at him and winked, “Consider this your Graduation Gift.”